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The Renters’ Guide to Outfitting Your Energy Budget

Gas Service

Columbia area natural gas service is provided by AmerenUE. Apply via telephone: 1 (800) 552-7583.


Where you live in Columbia will depend on which provider will serve you.

If your area is served by the city of Columbia, apply at the City-County Building, 725 E. Broadway or online at For more information call (573) 874-7380.

If your area is served by Boone Electric Cooperative, apply in person at 1413 Rangeline. For more information contact (573) 449-4181.

View tips on energy conservation from the City of Columbia!

Water service

The City of Columbia and the public water districts are the water providers for Columbia. The provider that will serve you is dependent on the location of your residence. If your area is served by a public water district, your landlord can tell you which district to contact.

Trash collection

Curbside trash pick-up is provided for residents once a week by the city. To find out which day trash is collected in your neighborhood, call (573) 874-6291. You are automatically billed for trash collection when you open your water and electric account with the city.

If you live outside the city limits, you must contact private companies for trash collection.


The City of Columbia provides curbside collection for recyclables along with the trash service. Many apartment complexes also provide a recycling bin on a rotational basis. Call Columbia Public Works Department at (573) 874-6291 or your apartment complex manager for more information.