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Three Strikes

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services at the University of Missouri would like to say thanks for your efforts to keep our students safe as they reside within your property. Throughout the course of the academic year, we strive to provide you with opportunities to connect directly with the student body by participating in our Housing Fairs, advertising in our Off-Campus Living Magazine, GoMizzou App, and website; just to name a few. Consequently, with these opportunities come responsibilities on your part.

Our office has found it necessary to implement a “three strikes” practice. The following are the guidelines for this practice and we reserve the right to make adjustments as deemed necessary. Sanctions will be issued to:

  • Any property or landlord found in direct violation of the University of Missouri’s Solicitation Policy.
  • Any property or landlord that does not abide by the terms and conditions for attending the February and November Housing Fairs.
  • Any property or landlord that does not promote resident safety by adhering to maintenance codes, building codes, nuisance ordinances and overall well-being and fair treatment of students through proactive or reactive measures.
  • Any property or landlord that promotes discrimination based on color, nationality, race, culture, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion or sex.

After a thorough investigation, the Office of Student Accountability and Support will notify you in writing each time a violation has occurred. If we find you responsible, we will contact you about solutions to remedy the situation. If appropriate action has been taken, your property will receive a strike and we will continue to partner with you. If no action is taken to resolve the situation amicably, we reserve the right to immediately terminate our agreement.

If your property receives three strikes, you would no longer be able to participate in the following marketing opportunities for one calendar year:

  • Division of Student Affairs:
    • MizzouRec
    • Residential Life
    • Disability Center
    • Counseling Center
    • Student Health
  • International Center
  • February and November Housing Fair
  • Off-Campus Living Magazine
  • Off-Campus Website Listing
  • GoMizzou App Listing
  • Off-Campus Living Consultations

Thank you for helping our students have a great experience while living off-campus.