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Immediate Care of a Drunk Person

Follow these tips when you need to care for a drunk person.


  • Calmly, explain to the person what you doing to them.
  • Get the person to bed and comfortable (confront their behavior later).
  • If the person is in bed, make you lay them on their side.
  • Check on the person as much as possible.
  • While dealing with the person, be calm and reassuring. Speak clearly to them and reinforce that you are trying to help. In any case where a person seems to be in a medically dangerous condition (such as being injured, unable to breathe, passed out, or having low or no respiration), CALL 911. The person may turn out not to need it, but it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. If the person is unmanageable (aggressive, etc.), it is appropriate to call the police for help.


  • Don’t give the person any drugs (not even aspirin) to try to sober them up.
  • Don’t give the person coffee, tea, or any other food or liquid to sober them up.
  • Don’t give them a cold shower. The shock could cause them to pass out and injure themselves.
  • Don’t try to walk, run, or exercise the person.
  • Don’t attempt to keep the person awake.
  • Don’t try to constrain the person.

When You Call for Help

  • Identify yourself.
  • State your problem and what you feel you need.
  • Give your specific location and your phone number. (AND be there when help arrives, if at all possible.)