Off-Campus Student Services provides students who are currently, or are considering, living off-campus, with the resources necessary to have positive off-campus experiences. We connect students with educational tools to make informed decisions about the best living arrangements for their individual situations. We strive to promote a safe, fun, and healthy environment for students, as well as the overall Columbia community.

Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair

The Mizzou Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair brings campus area rentals and resources to students, not the other way around. During the event, you can:

  • Easily find and tour houses and apartments for rent in Columbia, MO, without having to leave the comfort of your own home
  • Ask landlords questions about their rentals in real-time to make informed renting decisions
  • Get access to different resources available to you as a Mizzou student or staff member

To get notified of the next Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair (and get entered for a chance to win $50), you can register here.

Additional Resources:

Leasing 101

Need Legal Advice?

The purpose of Student Legal Services provides preventive legal education & legal consultation to MU students on the Columbia campus. Our mission is to help students learn how to resolve any legal conflicts and disputes currently interfering with their goals, as well as how to apply this learning throughout their lives. Our office is located at G206 (lower level) MU Student Center. There is a $25 for this service and the remainder is funded by the student government.


If you're interested in being a part of our database of off-campus housing options near Mizzou, please visit our List With Us page for more information.


Off-Campus Student Services